About Joon

email: joon at joonworld dot net
public github repo: rubyhead
skype: joonee69
  • Polyglot with expertise in web, mobile, and system development with business background and management skills.
  • Accomplished CTO of diverse companies from pharmaceutical to children's eBooks.
Technical Specialties
  • API/SOA using Ruby on Rails and Sinatra
  • Web applications using Ruby on Rails
  • Native iOS and Android apps
  • Javascript applications
Selected Accomplishments
  • Successfully rewrote entire system in timely manner that included API backend and PhoneGap apps to native apps
  • Created a new eBook format with read-along, audio, video, and programmability in self-contained and distributable payload
  • Designed and implemented a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system for eBooks using advance cryptography – server, iOS, and Android platform
  • Invented and created Target e*CRF™, web-based clinical data entry and management system (EDC). Take a look at the patent below.
Work History
SelfThis/Rubyhead, January 2007 - Present
Chief Architect
  • Provided companies with all aspect of software development including architecture, code, testing, security, and CTO for hire
  • Created a blog with news, opinions, tutorials, tips, and screencasts dedicated to programming, especially Ruby and Rails framework.
  • 3-part screencast series on MongoDB, also published at teachmetocode.com is the one of the most popular tutorials on installing Ruby 1.9 from source code linked as the tutorial on Dr. Dobb’s Journal. They are also on top of the list at http://docs.mongodb.org/ecosystem/drivers/ruby-resources.
Major Projects
  • Developed a GIS system
  • Wrote API for devices to consume
  • Created a prototype Android app
  • Provided security consulting
Picscliq (acquired by Shutterfly)
  • Created the project from start, assembled extremely talented technical team, and took it to launch.
  • Architected the system using Rails 3.0 and Ruby 1.9.2 stack.
  • Created the infrastructure on Amazon

Created the backend server for mobile handheld field service device (manufactured by Motorola) using Web Services written in Ruby on Rails, implementing SOA to unify business logics, and reviewed the code for embedded application on the device.

MeeGenius, March 2012 - November 2014
Chief Technology Officer
  • Architected the system for web, iOS, Android, Chrome, GoogleTV, and Kids Tablets (Android-Based) using SOA that can scale (both load and features).
  • Completely rewrote the iOS app from PhoneGap to native Objective-C/Cocoa.
  • Rewrote the web apps and server apps from Django + Java to Ruby on Rails.
  • Created private Gems to modularize app components.
  • Migrated the entire production infrastructure.
  • Wrote eBook encryption and DRM in Ruby, iOS, and Android.
ideeli, May 2010 - March 2012
Senior Software Engineer
  • Worked on eCommerce Ruby on Rails site with high load.
  • Completed a rewrite of an iPhone app.
  • Created API for iPhone.
Vonage, January 2008 - June 2009
Software Engineer, Next Generation Features
  • Lead developer of ContactBook/ContactCenter, a Ruby on Rails application to manage contacts, make phone calls including group calling and call blast, and manage call history - very similar to Google Voice today
  • Wrote Vonage Outlook Plug-in using MFC/C++
Target Health Inc., October 1999 - December 2007
Chief Technology Officer
  • Invented and created Target e*CRF™, web-based clinical data entry and management system
  • Responsible for creating technology-related products and services
  • Responsible for system validation and regulatory compliance
  • Managed vendor audits and conducted vendor audits
  • Developed system lifecycle methodology, SOPs, and policies
  • Created application hosting operation
  • Architected systems and applications
  • Managed system administration
  • Created prototypes and concept applications
  • Trained and provided technical guidance to developers and programmers
  • Worked on company strategy and marketing
  • Researched new technology and potential partners
Gate Financial Corp., April 1996 - February 1998, President/Founder
Sam Young Trans. Inc., June 1994 - April 1996, Planning Manager
Hanssem Corp., July 1992 - June 1994, District Sales Manager
Selected Presentations
Documentation of Software Development

IVT Validation Week 2006, Philadelphia, PA

Technology Implementation for Clinical Trials -- Security Issues

Bio-IT World Conference 2005, Boston, MA

Bridging Clinical Research, Data Management, and the Technology Group

DIA Annual Meeting 2002, Chicago, IL

The Economics of Internet-based Trial Management

eClinical Trials 2001 Conference, Tyson’s Corner, VA

Selected Publications
Meeting the Challenges of Internet-based Clinical Trials

Applied Clinical Trials, June, 2004

Clinical Trial Data Integrity: Using Internet Technology to Collect Reliable Data
Applied Clinical Trials, March 2003
Changing Roles Of Data Management, Clinical Research, Biostatistics and Project Management When Implementing Internet-Based Clinical Trials

Applied Clinical Trials, January, 2003

Paper versus Web: A Tale of Three Trials

Applied Clinical Trials, August, 2000

Rutgers University, BS in Finance, 1992